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Good oral care enhances overall physical health, appearance and mental well-being. Problems with the teeth and gums are common and easily treated health problems. Keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright with Mayfield’s dental benefit plan.

Plan Overview

Mayfield partners with Oasis Dental to provide our employees with access to dental services across the country. While our dental benefit program allows you to use any licensed dental provider, coverage is provided on a discounted basis by selecting a participating Dentemax Dentist.

Dental benefits are provided on a reimbursement basis. In some cases (and typically when seeking care from a non-participating dentist) you may be required to pay for services and submit a claim for reimbursement.

We strongly recommend before having any major dental work done that you have your dentist contact Oasis/CoreSource for a pre-treatment estimate. This will ensure that in the event you are having major care performed, you will know the expense and coverage before the service begins.

Remember, while services are covered without any concern for balance billing in network – you are permitted to use any licensed dentist to receive coverage. Services performed by non-network dentists are subject to limited reimbursement.

Whats Covered?
Benefit Item
Preventative Care No Cost No Cost
Basic Services Deductible + 20% Deductible + 20%
Major Services Deductible + 20% Deductible + 20%
Orthodontic Services Deductible + 40% Deductible + 40%
Person $25/Person
Family $75/Family
Annual Limit $3,000/Person
Orthodontic Limit $1,750/Person
Premium Cost
Coverage Type
Single  $2.69/pay
 Single + Spouse  $6.85/pay
Single + Child(ren)  $6.85/pay
 Full Family  $6.85/pay
Contact Information
  • Website:
  • Oasis/Coresource Phone Number: 800.282.3920
  • Dentemex Help Desk: 800.752.1547