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Mayfield provides affordable, convenient and comprehensive access to medical and prescription coverage. In addition, employees who participated in the District’s wellness program are eligible to earn valuable deductible credits.

The Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) PPO Plan

The MMO PPO Plan is a great option for all types of employees. This program puts you in the driver’s seat of managing your healthcare expenses.  MMO’s robust network includes most facilities and providers in the Northeast Ohio marketplace.

Federally qualified preventive care services are covered by this Plan at 100% (without any copayment). Most other physician’s office visit services are covered at 100% after a $15 copayment.

This option includes a robust prescription drug benefit that provides access to most generic medications for just a $5 copayment. If a generic is not available or your physician requires you to take the brand medication, brand drugs are covered after a $10 or $20 copayment depending on their formulary status.

Premium Cost

Premiums for full time employees to participate in the plans vary based on the plan you select. Premiums are deducted pre-tax. Premiums below are for 2020-2021 and are per-pay for 12-month staff.

Coverage Type
Single  $47.14/pay
Full Family  $125.77/pay
Contact Information

Compare Cost and Quality of Care

Access My Care Compare through My Health Plan at Search by location and review quality and patient satisfaction ratings. Understand how much a medical procedure, service or treatment may cost. 

You can also access these helpful tools through the free Medical Mutual mobile application in the Apple app store or Google Play (search for MedMutual).

Not Sure Where to Go for Care? Get Advice from the Nurseline

Access a medically trained Nurse 24/7 to help you address a wide range of health concerns and determine next steps. Receive easy-to-understand explanations about medical tests and results and get information about self-care for treating minor medical conditions. Use the Nurseline to determine if you need to visit your doctor, an urgent care clinic or the emergency room and schedule next-day appointments with your PCP if needed. There is no charge to access the Nurseline. Call 1-888-912-0636.